With our curtain range, we turn an ordinary house into an elegant stylish home. We offer the whole range of
    curtains, from the standard bedroom curtains to exclusive lounge curtains.

    Emphasis is placed on the theme to meet our customer’s taste. Our creativity also comes out with carefully laid
    beards on some of our designs.


    What better way to finish your curtains or blind treatments than a boxed pelmet? Stylish and modern,with your choice of fabric. We can even match the pattern to your curtain or blind for the perfect finish.

    curtain_4_webSwags and Tails

    These are fabrics that form a decorative element over a window, hanging from two
    fixed points either side of the top of the window, draping down through the center.
    There are numerous variations of this form of decoration. We carry most variations. Tails are the fabric that hangs down from the end of the swags.


    Goblet pleats make a very elegant heading for longer lengths. Pleats fall from each goblet
    that can be stuffed with tissue paper or cotton wool to retain their shape. This heading
    tape has 2 sets of cords and is suitable for medium to heavyweight fabrics .African theme
    is complemented by carefully and neatly laid beads.


    Tiebacks offer simple elegance for your curtains and a decorative way to hold them open. Various styles and options are available, including your choice of fabric, tassels, and coloured piping